How Are You In Afrikaans

How to Say “How Are You” in Afrikaans

Afrikaans is a widely spoken language in South Africa, and greeting someone in their native language can make a positive impression. One of the most common greetings in any language is “How are you?” In Afrikaans, this phrase is translated as “Hoe gaan dit met jou?”

Understanding the Pronunciation

When pronouncing this phrase in Afrikaans, it is important to pay attention to the pronunciation of each word. “Hoe” is pronounced like “hoo,” “gaan” is pronounced like “han,” “dit” is pronounced like “dit,” and “met jou” is pronounced like “met yoy.” Practice saying the phrase a few times to get comfortable with the pronunciation.

Using the Greeting in Conversation

In South African culture, it is common to greet someone with a smile and a friendly “Hoe gaan dit met jou?” This is a polite way to show that you care about the other person’s well-being. You can use this greeting when meeting someone for the first time, or when catching up with a friend or colleague.

How Are You In Afrikaans

Other Ways to Ask “How Are You” in Afrikaans

While “Hoe gaan dit met jou?” is the most common way to ask “How are you?” in Afrikaans, there are a few other variations you can use:

– “Hoe voel jy?” (How are you feeling?): This is a more specific way to ask about someone’s emotions or physical well-being.
– “Hoe gaan dit?” (How is it going?): This is a more casual way to check in on someone’s general state or progress.
– “Hoe gaan dit met u?” (How are you?: This is a formal way to address someone you don’t know very well or someone who is older or in a position of authority.

Responding to the Greeting

When someone asks you “Hoe gaan dit met jou?” in Afrikaans, there are a few ways you can respond:

– “Dit gaan goed, dankie.” (I’m doing well, thank you.): This is a positive response that shows you are feeling good.
– “Nie so goed nie, dankie.” (Not so good, thank you.): This is a more honest response if you are not feeling well.
– “Dit gaan baie goed, dankie.” (I’m doing very well, thank you.): This is a very positive response if you are feeling exceptionally good.


In conclusion, knowing how to say “How are you?” in Afrikaans can help you connect with South African speakers and show your interest in their language and culture. Practice the pronunciation of “Hoe gaan dit met jou?” and use it in your conversations with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Being able to greet someone in their native language is a simple way to show respect and build rapport. So next time you meet someone from South Africa, don’t forget to say “Hoe gaan dit met jou?” to make a positive impression.