How Much Is A Half Cent Worth In South Africa

What is a Half Cent Worth in South Africa?

South Africa, like many countries around the world, used to have a half cent coin in circulation. The half cent was a small denomination coin that was used for everyday transactions. However, as inflation and economic changes occurred, the value of the half cent became negligible. In this article, we will explore the history of the half cent in South Africa and discuss its worth in today’s terms.

The History of the Half Cent in South Africa

The half cent coin was first introduced in South Africa in 1961, following the country’s independence from British rule. The coin featured the profile of Jan van Riebeeck, the Dutch colonial administrator who established a refreshment station at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th century. The half cent was made of bronze and had a diameter of 16.5 mm.

The half cent was used in everyday transactions, but its value was minimal. With inflation causing prices to rise, the half cent became less and less useful. In 1990, the South African Reserve Bank made the decision to demonetize the half cent, along with other low denomination coins, due to their limited purchasing power.

How Much Is A Half Cent Worth In South Africa

The Worth of a Half Cent Today

In today’s terms, the half cent has very little value. In fact, many people may not even realize that the coin existed or remember using it in transactions. The half cent is now considered a collector’s item, with some rare coins fetching decent prices among numismatists.

If you happen to come across a half cent coin in South Africa, it may be worth holding onto as a piece of history. While its monetary value is negligible, the coin represents a time in South Africa’s past when small denomination coins were still in use.

Collecting Half Cent Coins

For those interested in collecting coins, the half cent can be a fascinating addition to a collection. While its value may not be as high as other rare coins, the half cent offers a glimpse into South Africa’s numismatic history. Collectors can search for different varieties of the coin, including ones with different mint marks or years of production.

Collecting half cent coins can be a fun hobby for those interested in history and numismatics. It can also be a way to learn more about South Africa’s past and the role that currency played in everyday life.


In conclusion, the half cent coin in South Africa may not have much monetary value today, but it holds a special place in the country’s history. As a collector’s item, the half cent can be a unique addition to a coin collection and a symbol of a bygone era. So, if you come across a half cent coin in South Africa, consider holding onto it as a piece of history.