How Much Toyota Quantum

Welcome to our article on the Toyota Quantum! In this post, we will explore the different variants and price ranges of the Toyota Quantum in South Africa. The Toyota Quantum is a well-known and versatile vehicle that is widely used for various purposes, including public transportation and commercial applications. Whether you need a spacious vehicle for your business or a reliable transport for your family, the Toyota Quantum has got you covered. Read on to find out more about the Toyota Quantum models and their prices in South Africa.

Toyota Quantum Panel Van

The Toyota Quantum Panel Van is designed for commercial use, providing ample cargo space and versatility. It is a popular choice for businesses that need to transport goods or equipment. The Panel Van variant comes with a durable interior and various configuration options to suit different business needs. The price of the Toyota Quantum Panel Van starts at R419,800.

Toyota Quantum Bus

The Toyota Quantum Bus is a spacious and comfortable vehicle suitable for transporting large groups of people. It is commonly used as a minibus taxi or for tourism purposes. The Quantum Bus offers seating configurations for up to 16 passengers, making it an ideal choice for businesses in the transportation industry. The price of the Toyota Quantum Bus starts at R472,500.

How Much Toyota Quantum

Toyota Quantum Ses’fikile

The Toyota Quantum Ses’fikile is specifically designed for the South African minibus taxi industry. It is a reliable and efficient vehicle that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. The Quantum Ses’fikile comes with features such as sliding doors, comfortable seating, and a durable interior. The price of the Toyota Quantum Ses’fikile starts at R456,400.

Toyota Quantum VX

If you are looking for a more luxurious and feature-packed option, the Toyota Quantum VX is the perfect choice. The Quantum VX offers a spacious and comfortable interior with premium amenities. It is equipped with advanced safety features and technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. The price of the Toyota Quantum VX starts at R738,700.

Toyota Quantum Ambulance

The Toyota Quantum Ambulance is a specialized vehicle designed for medical emergencies and patient transportation. It is equipped with essential medical equipment and features to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. The Quantum Ambulance variant is widely used by hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical services. The price of the Toyota Quantum Ambulance starts at R524,600.


The Toyota Quantum offers a wide range of variants to cater to different needs and requirements. Whether you need a commercial vehicle, a spacious minibus, a luxury option, or a specialized ambulance, the Toyota Quantum has a model for you. The prices of the Toyota Quantum in South Africa vary depending on the variant and additional features. We hope this article has provided you with valuable information about the Toyota Quantum models and their prices in South Africa.