How To Buy Old Mutual Shares

How to Buy Old Mutual Shares

Old Mutual is a leading financial services company in South Africa that offers a wide range of products and services, including insurance, investment, and banking. If you are looking to invest in the company by purchasing its shares, this article will guide you through the process of buying Old Mutual shares.

Step 1: Research and Analysis

Before buying any shares, it is essential to conduct thorough research and analysis of the company. This includes reviewing Old Mutual’s financial performance, market position, and future growth prospects. You can find this information in the company’s annual reports, investor presentations, and financial news websites.

Step 2: Choose a Stockbroker

To buy shares in Old Mutual, you will need to open a brokerage account with a licensed stockbroker in South Africa. You can choose from full-service brokers that offer personalized investment advice or online brokers that provide a self-service platform for trading shares. Compare brokerage fees, account minimums, and customer service before selecting a stockbroker.

How To Buy Old Mutual Shares

Step 3: Fund Your Account

Once you have chosen a stockbroker, you will need to fund your brokerage account to purchase Old Mutual shares. You can transfer funds from your bank account to your brokerage account via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or deposit a cheque at the broker’s office. Make sure to check the processing times and fees associated with each method of funding.

Step 4: Place an Order

After funding your brokerage account, you can place an order to buy Old Mutual shares. You can either place a market order at the current market price or a limit order to specify the maximum price you are willing to pay for the shares. Your stockbroker will execute the order on your behalf and confirm the purchase once it is completed.

Step 5: Monitor Your Investment

Once you have purchased Old Mutual shares, it is essential to monitor your investment regularly. Keep track of the company’s financial performance, market trends, and news that may impact the share price. You can set up price alerts or stop-loss orders to manage your investment effectively.


Buying Old Mutual shares can be a rewarding investment opportunity for South African investors. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can purchase shares in the company and potentially benefit from its growth and success in the financial services industry.