How To Check Mtn Data

Are you an MTN user in South Africa and want to check your data balance? This article will guide you through the simple steps to check your MTN data balance. It’s essential to keep track of your data usage to avoid unexpected charges or running out of data when you need it the most. Read on to find out how to check your MTN data balance conveniently.

Step 1: Dial the USSD Code

To check your MTN data balance, simply dial *136# on your mobile phone. This will bring up the MTN service menu.

Step 2: Select the Data Balance Option

Once you have dialed *136#, you will see a list of options on your screen. Look for the option that says “Data Balance” or something similar and select it by entering the corresponding number or letter.

How To Check Mtn Data

Step 3: Receive the Data Balance Information

After selecting the Data Balance option, you will receive a message or a pop-up notification containing your remaining MTN data balance. This will include the amount of data you have used and the amount of data remaining in your current data bundle.

Step 4: Check Data Balance Online

If you prefer to check your MTN data balance online, you can do so by visiting the MTN website or using the MTN mobile app. Simply log in to your MTN account and navigate to the data balance section. Here, you will be able to view your data usage and remaining data balance in real-time.

Step 5: Use SMS to Check Data Balance

If you are unable to access the internet or prefer a different method, you can also check your MTN data balance by sending a text message. Open your messaging app and create a new message. In the recipient field, enter the shortcode provided by MTN for data balance inquiries. Send the message, and you will receive a reply containing your data balance information.


Checking your MTN data balance is quick and easy. Whether you prefer using USSD codes, online platforms, or SMS, MTN provides multiple options to ensure you can always stay informed about your data usage. By regularly checking your data balance, you can manage your usage effectively, avoid unexpected charges, and ensure you always have enough data for your needs. Stay connected and enjoy your MTN data without any worries!