How To Check My Vodacom Number

How To Check My Vodacom Number

In South Africa, Vodacom is one of the leading mobile network providers with millions of customers. If you’re a Vodacom user and you find yourself in a situation where you need to check your own Vodacom number, don’t worry, there are a few quick and easy ways to do so. In this article, we will take you through the various methods you can use to check your Vodacom number.

USSD Code Method

One of the simplest ways to check your Vodacom number is by using a USSD code. Simply dial *135*501# from your Vodacom SIM card and your number will be displayed on your screen. This method is quick, free, and does not require an active data connection.

Call Customer Service

If you prefer speaking to a customer service agent, you can call Vodacom customer service for assistance. Dial 111 from your Vodacom phone and follow the prompts to speak to a representative. They will be able to assist you in finding your Vodacom number.

How To Check My Vodacom Number

Check Your Vodacom SIM Card Packaging

If you still have the original packaging for your Vodacom SIM card, you can find your number printed on the packaging. Look for a section that lists your SIM card details, including your phone number.

Check Your Phone Settings

If you have a smartphone, you can also check your Vodacom number through your phone’s settings. Navigate to the “About Phone” or “About Device” section in your phone settings, and you should be able to find your phone number listed there.

Send a Call Me SMS

Another way to quickly check your Vodacom number is by sending a “Call Me” SMS to another Vodacom number. Simply dial *140*phonenumber# from your Vodacom SIM card, replacing “phonenumber” with the Vodacom number you want to send the “Call Me” request to. Your phone number will be displayed in the SMS received by the recipient.

Visit a Vodacom Store

If you’re still unable to find your Vodacom number using any of the above methods, you can visit a Vodacom store in person. A Vodacom representative should be able to assist you in retrieving your number from their system.


Checking your Vodacom number doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By using the USSD code, calling customer service, checking your SIM card packaging, looking in your phone settings, sending a “Call Me” SMS, or visiting a Vodacom store, you can quickly and easily find your Vodacom number. It’s important to always have your phone number handy for making calls, sending messages, and staying connected with friends and family.