How To Check Your Number On Vodacom

How to Check Your Number on Vodacom

Are you a Vodacom user in South Africa and need to know your phone number? Whether you’ve just switched to Vodacom or simply can’t remember your own number, there are easy ways to find out your phone number on the Vodacom network. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different methods you can use to check your number on Vodacom.

Using USSD Code

One of the quickest and easiest ways to check your Vodacom number is by using a USSD code. Simply dial *135*501# and press the call button. You will receive a message with your Vodacom phone number displayed on your screen. This method is free and can be done anytime, anywhere.

Checking on Vodacom App

If you have the Vodacom app installed on your smartphone, you can easily check your number through the app. Open the app and navigate to the settings or account section. Your Vodacom phone number should be displayed there along with other account information.

How To Check Your Number On Vodacom

Calling a Friend

If you are unable to use the USSD code or access the Vodacom app, you can always call a friend or family member and ask them to check your number on their phone. This is a simple and quick way to find out your Vodacom number without needing any special tools or codes.

Checking Your Phone Settings

If you still have the packaging or paperwork that came with your phone when you first purchased it, you may be able to find your Vodacom number there. Check the user manual or paperwork for any mention of your phone number. You can also check your phone’s settings under the “About Phone” or “Phone Information” section to find your number.

Asking Vodacom Customer Service

If all else fails, you can always contact Vodacom customer service for assistance. You can reach them through their toll-free number or visit a Vodacom store in person. Provide them with your account details and they should be able to help you retrieve your Vodacom phone number.


Knowing your phone number is essential for staying connected with others and managing your account. With the various methods available, checking your Vodacom number is simple and hassle-free. Whether you prefer using USSD codes, smartphone apps, or reaching out to customer service, you can easily find out your Vodacom number whenever you need it.