How To Earn Ebucks

eBucks is a rewards program that allows South African citizens to earn rewards and discounts on their everyday spending. It offers various ways to accumulate eBucks, which can be redeemed for a range of benefits like groceries, fuel, entertainment, and travel.

1. Use Your eBucks Card

The most straightforward way to earn eBucks is by using your eBucks card when making purchases at partner stores. Simply swipe your card at the checkout and earn a certain percentage of your total spend in eBucks. This is a simple and effortless way to accumulate rewards on your regular shopping.

2. Shop Online

eBucks has partnered with various online retailers, allowing you to earn eBucks while shopping from the comfort of your home. Browse through the eBucks website to discover partner online stores and make your online purchases through the provided links. By doing this, you can earn eBucks based on the total value of your purchase.

3. Use eBucks on Fuel

If you refuel at any Engen, Shell, or Caltex service station, you have the opportunity to earn extra eBucks. By linking your eBucks card to your fuel partner loyalty program, you can accumulate eBucks based on your monthly fuel spend. This is an excellent way to save on your fuel expenses while earning rewards simultaneously.

How To Earn Ebucks

4. Bank with FNB

As FNB is the founding partner of eBucks, using an FNB account can help you earn even more rewards. By simply holding an FNB Gold, Premier, Private Clients, or Private Wealth account, you earn a percentage of your monthly bank charges back in eBucks. If you have an FNB credit card, each swipe of your card will earn you additional eBucks.

5. Use eBucks Rewards to Pay Bills

eBucks now offers the option to pay certain bills using your earned eBucks. By selecting the “Pay Bills” option on the eBucks website, you can see which bills are eligible for payment using your rewards. This provides a convenient way to reduce your monthly expenses while maximizing your eBucks.

6. Travel with eBucks

eBucks has partnered with various travel agencies, airlines, and car rental companies to offer exclusive discounts and rewards to its members. By booking your flights, accommodation, or car rentals through these partners, you can earn eBucks while enjoying your vacation. This is a fantastic way to save on your travel expenses and earn eBucks at the same time.

7. Make Use of eBucks Promotions

eBucks regularly runs promotions where you can earn bonus eBucks or receive discounts on specific purchases. Keep an eye on the eBucks website, mobile app, or notifications for upcoming deals. Taking advantage of these promotions can significantly boost your eBucks balance.


Earning eBucks is a simple and rewarding process. By utilizing various methods like using your eBucks card, shopping online, utilizing fuel partner programs, and banking with FNB, you can accumulate rewards effortlessly. Furthermore, paying bills with eBucks, traveling with eBucks partners, and keeping an eye on promotions can provide additional opportunities to increase your eBucks balance. Start making the most out of your spending and enjoy the benefits eBucks has to offer!