How To Know My Vodacom Number

How to Find Your Vodacom Number in South Africa

Do you often find yourself forgetting your Vodacom phone number? Maybe you just got a new SIM card and can’t remember the number assigned to it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this guide, we will show you a few easy ways to find your Vodacom number in South Africa.

Check Your Phone Settings

The quickest way to find your Vodacom number is to check your phone’s settings. Simply go to the settings menu on your device and look for the “About Phone” section. In this section, you should be able to find your phone number listed under “My Phone Number” or a similar heading.

How To Know My Vodacom Number

Call a Friend or Family Member

If you are unable to access your phone settings or are having trouble locating your number, you can always call a friend or family member from your Vodacom SIM. This way, they can see your number on their caller ID and let you know what it is.

Send a Please Call Me

Another option is to send a “Please Call Me” message to another Vodacom number. This message will show your number to the recipient, and they can then call you back with the information.

Use the Vodacom Website

If you have access to the internet, you can also visit the Vodacom website and log into your account. From there, you should be able to see your phone number listed under your account details.

Visit a Vodacom Store

If all else fails, you can always visit a Vodacom store in person and ask one of the customer service representatives to help you retrieve your phone number. They will be able to assist you in finding the information you need.


It’s important to always know your phone number, especially in case of emergencies or when filling out important forms. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should have no trouble finding your Vodacom number in South Africa.