How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

If you’re looking for a creative way to make some extra cash in South Africa, why not consider using your till slips? Many people don’t realize that their everyday shopping receipts can actually be turned into money-making opportunities. In this article, we will explore some of the ways you can leverage your till slips to earn some extra income.

Join Cashback Rewards Programs

One of the easiest ways to make money with your till slips is by joining cashback rewards programs. These programs allow you to earn money back on your purchases by simply uploading photos of your receipts. Once you accumulate enough cashback, you can withdraw it as real money or use it to make more purchases. Some popular cashback rewards programs in South Africa include SnapnSave, Cashback World, and Zulzi.

How To Make Money With Till Slips In South Africa

Sell Your Data

Did you know that companies are willing to pay for consumer data? By selling your till slips to market research companies, you can earn money while helping businesses better understand consumer behavior. Make sure to anonymize any personal information on your receipts before selling them to protect your privacy.

Participate in Surveys and Feedback Programs

Some companies are willing to pay for your opinions on their products and services. By sharing your feedback on purchases made with your till slips, you can earn money or rewards such as gift cards or discounts. Look out for survey opportunities from brands or market research companies looking for consumer insights.

Use Till Slip Coupons

Many retailers offer coupons or discount vouchers on their till slips that can be used for future purchases. Instead of letting these vouchers go to waste, why not sell them to others for a small profit? You can also trade your unused coupons with friends or online communities to maximize their value.

Start a Till Slip Art or Craft Business

If you have a creative flair, consider using your till slips as material for art or craft projects. From collages to decoupage, there are endless possibilities for turning your receipts into unique pieces of art. You can then sell your creations at local markets, online platforms, or social media to make a profit.


There are numerous ways to make money with till slips in South Africa, ranging from joining cashback rewards programs to starting a craft business. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can turn your everyday shopping receipts into a lucrative income stream. So the next time you get a till slip, think about how you can leverage it to earn some extra cash!