What Channel Is F1 On Dstv

What Channel Is F1 on DStv?

If you’re a Formula 1 fan in South Africa and you have a DStv subscription, you’re probably wondering what channel you can catch all the thrilling races on. With so many channels available on DStv, it can be confusing to figure out where exactly to find the F1 action. But fear not, we’re here to help you navigate the DStv channel lineup and find the channel that broadcasts all the Formula 1 races live.

Where to Watch Formula 1 on DStv

Formula 1 races in South Africa are typically broadcast on SuperSport channels on DStv. SuperSport is a group of television channels that specialize in broadcasting sports events, including Formula 1 races.

The specific SuperSport channel that broadcasts Formula 1 races may vary depending on the race schedule and other sporting events happening at the same time. However, you can usually find Formula 1 races on either SuperSport Grandstand or SuperSport Action.

How to Find the F1 Channel on DStv

If you’re not sure which SuperSport channel is broadcasting the Formula 1 race you want to watch, you can easily find out by checking the DStv TV Guide. The TV Guide provides a schedule of all the programs and events airing on DStv channels, including sports events like Formula 1 races.

What Channel Is F1 On Dstv

To access the DStv TV Guide, simply press the “TV Guide” button on your DStv remote control. You can then navigate through the channels and time slots to find the Formula 1 race you’re interested in watching.

What Time Do F1 Races Start on DStv?

The start times of Formula 1 races on DStv may vary depending on the race location and other scheduling factors. However, most Formula 1 races take place on Sundays, with the race usually starting in the early afternoon South African time.

To ensure you don’t miss the start of a Formula 1 race on DStv, it’s a good idea to check the TV Guide or the DStv website for the exact start time of the race you want to watch. You can also set a reminder on your DStv decoder to alert you when the race is about to begin.

Other Ways to Watch Formula 1 in South Africa

If you don’t have access to DStv but still want to watch Formula 1 races in South Africa, there are a few other options available to you. One popular alternative is to stream Formula 1 races online through a streaming service that offers sports channels.

Some streaming services allow you to purchase a subscription to access sports channels that broadcast Formula 1 races live. This can be a convenient option for fans who want to watch the races on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Formula 1 fans in South Africa can catch all the thrilling races on DStv, specifically on SuperSport channels like SuperSport Grandstand and SuperSport Action. By checking the DStv TV Guide and setting reminders for race start times, you can make sure you never miss a moment of the F1 action. If you don’t have DStv, there are also alternative options for watching Formula 1 races online through streaming services. Stay tuned and enjoy the adrenaline-pumping races!