What Is Cape Town Zip Code

What is the Zip Code for Cape Town, South Africa?

Cape Town, located in the Western Cape province of South Africa, is a vibrant city known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse culture, and rich history. As with any city, having a zip code is essential for efficient mail delivery and location identification. In South Africa, zip codes are known as postal codes, and each area has its unique code.

Postal Codes in Cape Town

Cape Town is divided into several regions, each with its postal code. The main postal codes in Cape Town include:

City Bowl

The City Bowl area of Cape Town, which encompasses the central business district and surrounding neighborhoods, has postal codes ranging from 8000 to 8001.

Atlantic Seaboard

The Atlantic Seaboard, home to upscale suburbs like Camps Bay and Clifton, has postal codes starting from 8005.

What Is Cape Town Zip Code

Southern Suburbs

The Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, including areas like Rondebosch and Claremont, have postal codes starting from 7700.

Northern Suburbs

The Northern Suburbs, which include Bellville and Durbanville, have postal codes starting from 7500.

Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs, which include areas like Pinelands and Athlone, have postal codes starting from 7764.

Why Zip Codes are Important

Zip codes, or postal codes, play a crucial role in ensuring that mail is delivered accurately and efficiently. When sending mail or ordering online, providing the correct zip code helps the postal service route the mail to the correct destination without delays or errors. Additionally, zip codes are used for location identification in various services and systems, making them essential for businesses and individuals alike.

How to Find a Postal Code in Cape Town

There are several ways to find the postal code for a specific address in Cape Town. One option is to use online postal code lookup tools, which allow you to enter an address and find the corresponding postal code. Postal codes can also be found on official postal service websites or by contacting the local post office for assistance.


Having the correct postal code for Cape Town is important for ensuring that mail is delivered promptly and accurately. By familiarizing yourself with the postal codes in your area and using them correctly, you can help streamline the mail delivery process and avoid any potential delays or issues. Whether you are sending a letter to a friend or ordering a package online, having the right postal code is essential for smooth and efficient delivery.