SASSA Child Grant Increase 2024: What to Expect in the Upcoming Child Grant Raise

Discover all the intricate details surrounding the anticipated increase in the SASSA Child Grant for 2024. Delve into this comprehensive article to understand precisely how much the SASSA Child Grant is expected to increase and uncover other pertinent information related to this topic.

SASSA Child Grant Increase

Caring for children often entails substantial expenses, posing financial challenges for numerous families. Recognizing this, the South African Government provides a child support grant aimed at offering crucial financial assistance, particularly to lower-income households.

The grant serves to fulfill the essential needs of the child. In a recent announcement, the government revealed that the SASSA Child Grant would see an increase to R510, marking a R10 raise in the child support grant.

SASSA Child Support Grant Overview

NameChild Support Grant
CountrySouth Africa
Administering BodySouth African Social Security Agency
BeneficiariesLow-Income Households
Next Payment DateDecember 5, 2023

How Much will SASSA Child Grant Increase in 2024?

Presently, eligible households in South Africa receive a payment of R510. This reflects an increase from the previous payment amount of R500. Typically, adjustments to the amount are made in response to increases in the cost of living, inflation, and other relevant factors.

Hence, the South African Government retains the flexibility to potentially increase the Child Grant in the future based on prevailing circumstances. However, considering the recent increment of R10 in the payment, it’s plausible that there may not be another immediate raise in the Child Grant for the foreseeable future.

Predicting whether there will be another increase in the Child Grant in 2024 remains uncertain. Further updates on this matter will be communicated by SASSA and the South African Government in due course. It’s advisable for recipients of the Child Grant to stay informed about the latest updates and information regarding the grant, which will be available on SASSA’s website.

To qualify for this important grant, both the parents and child must meet the eligibility criteria established by SASSA. As per the guidelines, individuals seeking to receive the Child Support Grant must be the primary caregiver and citizens of South Africa.

Additionally, applicants must satisfy the financial eligibility criteria. Single individuals must not earn more than R52,800 per year, while for married couples, the combined income threshold is R105,600 per year.

Moreover, the child for whom the household is applying for the grant must be under 18 years old and reside with the primary caregiver. It’s important to note that SASSA will not provide payments for more than six children who are not biologically related to the primary caregiver.

SASSA Child Grant Payment Dates 2024

SASSA publishes an annual payment schedule and keeps it updated regularly. Individuals receiving the Child Grant can view the upcoming year’s Payment Dates by visiting the official SASSA web portal.

YearPayment Date
2023November 6, 2023
2023December 5, 2023
2024January 5, 2024
2024February 6, 2024
2024March 7, 2024

As of now, the payment dates for the Child Grant are available up to March 2024. SASSA will update the monthly payment dates for the remaining months of 2024 in due course.

All We Know About SASSA Child Grant

Eligible families typically receive R510 per child as a monthly payment (comprising a top-up of R500 plus an additional R250). SASSA disburses the grant through various channels, including cash, electronic deposit, and via administering institutions. Moreover, it’s important for individuals to inform SASSA of any changes in their circumstances, as these may impact the grant they receive.

SASSA retains the authority to conduct periodic reviews of the grant. In such cases, beneficiaries will receive advance notification from SASSA, typically three months beforehand. These reviews are conducted to verify that beneficiaries continue to meet the eligibility criteria for the grant.

Following a review and in light of changed circumstances, SASSA reserves the right to suspend the grant. Additionally, if the child is no longer under the care of the beneficiaries, the grant will be suspended accordingly.

While payments are typically issued on a fixed date each month, delays may occasionally occur due to various reasons. For further information, individuals are advised to contact SASSA directly or visit its official website.

When an individual applies for the Child Grant for the first time, their application may undergo a processing period of up to 3 months. This process typically entails verifying the information provided and ensuring it aligns with the eligibility requirements.

The grant will commence from the date when the approval decision is finalized. Application forms can be obtained from the nearest SASSA branch.

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